[Ifeffit] Bkg removal problem

Alfred Hummer alfred.hummer at univie.ac.at
Fri Sep 10 08:42:12 CDT 2010


Currently I am working on a Ga XAS spectrum.
I'm trying to extract the EXAFS data but I'm not sure if the background 
function is right, or how to set the right values.

I played around with different setting for kmin and Rbkg.
So far I know that Rbkg defines the cutoff for the bkg frequencies in 
the FT optimization and setting it to high leads to loss in information, 
as more high frequencies are included in the bkg.

I also read that it is advisable to exclude strong white lines from the 
spline range (increasing kmin?). Would this a strategy in my case?

I attached the project file.

Maybe someone has a clue. The more I tried the bigger my uncertainty.

best regards


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