WXMPLOT: Plotting widgets for wxPython with matplotlibΒΆ

The wxmplot python package provides easy-to-use, richly featured plotting widgets for wxPython built on top of the wonderful matplotlib library. While matplotlib provides excellent general purpose plotting functionality, and supports a variety of GUI and non-GUI backends, it does not have a very tight integration with any particular GUI toolkit. Similarly, while wxPython has some plotting functionality, it has nothing as good as matplotlib. The wxmplot package attempts to bridge this gap, providing wx.Panels for basic 2D line plots and image display that are richly featured and provide end-users with interactivity (zooming, reading positions, rotating images) and customization (line types, labels, marker type, colors, and color tables) of the graphics without having to know matplotlib. Wxmplot does not expose all of matplotlib's capabilities, but does provide 2D plotting and image display Panels and Frames can be used simply in wxPython applications to handle many use cases.

The wxmplot package is aimed at programmers who want to include high quality scientific graphics in their applications that can be manipulated by the end-user. If you're a python programmer who is comfortable writing complex pylab scripts or plotting interactively from IPython, this package may seem too limiting for your needs. On the other hand, wxmplot provides better defaults and better customizations than matplotlib's Navigation toolbars.