[Ifeffit] Is there a way to see how guessed GDS parameter affects the fitting in Artemis?

Sergio Tatay sergio.tatay at uv.es
Sun Dec 2 08:03:15 CST 2018

I was wondering is there is a simple way to see how a change in a guess parameter affects how the fit looks like. 

I’m a newbie to Artemis, and for the moment the only way I figured to do that is to set that parameter I want to check as def/set and then run the fitting. However, this can be time consuming specially is the model I’m using is elaborate. I would like to know is there is a method to change a single parameter, and then simply evaluate what the results would like leaving all the rest of the parameters unmodified.

That would be useful for me, for example in the case of some data with strong background contributions at low R values. Despite, I can try to leave those contributions aside using the window span, fitting sometimes are not as satisfactory as the results I get when I adjust the values by hand.

Thanks in advance,


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