[Ifeffit] port for demeter failure

Jean-Francois Gaillard jf-gaillard at northwestern.edu
Thu Nov 3 10:58:45 CDT 2016

Hello All, I had similar issues. One thing that greatly improve the installation of dependencies was to increase the number of files that can be open at once. New versions of Mac OS X limit this nb to 256, if you increase it to - let’s say to 1024 - in your session it should help. To find out the max nb of  files that you can open at once type in a terminal > ulimit –a, and to increase the number type > ulimit –n1024
Best, JF

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Hi Jason,
On Nov 2, 2016 6:28 PM, "justin park" <justin.pchem at gmail.com<mailto:justin.pchem at gmail.com>> wrote:

I have followed the steps to install macports on my mac and it seems to be working. However when I went to port in demeter it start and fails rather quickly giving this error message.

Error: org.macports.archivefetch for port libcxx returned: archivefetch failed for libcxx @3.7.1_0+universal

What do I need to do in macports to get it to properly fetch libcxx?

Several of people (including me) have observed that they sometimes need to do "sudo port install" of many of the dependencies (say, libgcc or perl packages), and that sometimes they need to try multiple times.

But also: can you give a more complete report of exactly what commands you typed and exactly what the error messages were?  "I followed the steps" is actually ambiguous, as you're assuming that we know which steps you followed.   We might be able to guess correctly what you actually did, but if you tell us explicitly then we wouldn't have to guess.

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