[Ifeffit] Problems with gnuplot graphics on Mac OS 10.12.1

Paul Fons paul-fons at aist.go.jp
Thu Dec 8 22:19:59 CST 2016

Hi All,

  I just wanted to give an update to my earlier problems with the mysterious gnuplot errors. After editing the file Matt mentioned earlier, I decided to uninstall and install demeter to no avail. I then realized that I had been relying on the latest version of xquartz (the x11 system) and installed x11 using macports.  After a bit of trouble with installation (I had to break the installation into pieces — but this is a typical macports problem), the x11 installation completed and athena worked fine. Thus my conclusion is that there was some sort of weird interference between x11 subsystems.  In any case, all is well now.

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