[Ifeffit] Fuzzy degeneracy

Panagiotis Mougkogiannis pmpmm at leeds.ac.uk
Thu Apr 7 05:30:22 CDT 2016

Dear Bruce,


I am quite new in the field and I was reading your paper : ''Path degeneracy and EXAFS analysis of disordered materials, Journal of Synchrotron Radiation,volume 21, issue 6, pages 1269-1274,year 2014''. A simple question, Where can I find the Ti K-edge data of CaZrTi2O7 in order to manipulate EXAFS data analysis by myself? and something more How do you plot in the same figure the paths of  strict and fuzzy degeneracy -Figure1a-? What I managed to do  is in the attached picture ( 4 figures with the strict and fuzzy degeneracy)...

Many Thanks

Yours Faithfully


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