[Ifeffit] frequently asked questions

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Wed Apr 6 10:56:53 CDT 2016

Hi all,

I am making a new stab at creating a list of frequently asked
questions about the software and other topics on this mailing list.
Here's my first draft:


I want to solicit suggestions for good questions and answers.  If
there is a topic that you think would make a good question for the
FAQ, please open an issue at Demeter's GitHub page:


There is a "FAQ question" label that can be used as a tag.

If you would like to edit the FAQ directly and submit a diff file or
make a pull request, here is the source file:


You'll get a copy when you clone the demeter repository or you can
click the "raw" button to get the source for the faq page.

Thanks in advance!

  Bruce Ravel  ------------------------------------ bravel at bnl.gov

  National Institute of Standards and Technology
  Synchrotron Science Group at NSLS-II
  Building 535A
  Upton NY, 11973

  Homepage:    http://bruceravel.github.io/home/
  Software:    https://github.com/bruceravel
  Demeter:     http://bruceravel.github.io/demeter/

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