[Ifeffit] Athena doesn't start - Larch server not running

Ravel, Bruce bravel at bnl.gov
Thu Feb 14 16:44:47 CST 2013

I'm really sorry.  I left Demeter in a broken state on github.  I am currently at work getting Demeter to use Larch, but it is most certainly not ready for prime-time.

I will disable the use of larch in Demeter and push that to github.  I am currently at the beamline, so it will be an hour or two before I get to that.  I'll post to the list when I do so.

At that time, do a "git pull" then rebuild and re-install Demeter.

Again, sorry for the confusion.  100% my fault for being sloppy.


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Dear Bruce and other people in the list,

I have just installed Demeter from the git on Ubuntu 12.04 using instructions given by Dave Hughes (https://gist.github.com/waveform80/3959252). Everything went fine during installation but then I tried to start Athena using dathena command from the terminal and I got this message:

Demeter says: Uh oh! You have requested using Larch, but there is no Larch server running!

Then I installed Larch (with some problems during installation, but that is different story) and again tried starting Athena with the same result. When I tried starting Larch in a server mode with larch -r command it didn't offer a possibility to start Athena in the same terminal window. Then I opened a new tab in the terminal and just typed dathena and the GUI appeared. Now, I have two questions:
1. Do I have to start Larch server every time like this before using Athena or is there some other solution for this?
2. I tried Artemis without Larch server running and didn't get the error message. Is Artemis independent from Larch or are there some problems that might occur later?

Best wishes,
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