[Ifeffit] Possible solution to trouble in artemis analysis

Kleper Oliveira Rocha k.o.rocha at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 15:47:12 CST 2009

Dear all,

Recentilly I post a massage about trouble with analysis in artemis. Well, I
think that find the solution.
In Portuguese some words are write with symbols like: fam*í*lia (family),
prepara*ÇÃ*o (preparation) that are not accept by IFFEFIT programs. In the
basis of the instalation of Windows XP in my computer and some folders had
this symbols and this caused the trouble in Athena and Artemis.
Thanks for all for the help.

Kleper de Oliveira Rocha
Doutorando em Engenharia Química
Departamento de Engenharia Química/UFSCar
Tels. 55 016 3351-8694
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