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Scott Calvin SCalvin at slc.edu
Wed Aug 5 19:47:48 CDT 2009

Good point on the cardboard, Richard. I always pre-cut strips of  
Kapton tape, so that I wasn't bringing in cardboard at all.

--Scott Calvin
Sarah Lawrence College

On Aug 5, 2009, at 8:13 PM, Richard Mayes wrote:

> Todd,
> Are you working with oxygen sensitive or moisture sensitive samples  
> (or both)?  If it's just moisture sensitive, then you can use  
> regular 2-sided tape from your local office supply and polypropylene  
> film to seal samples in polycarbonate or aluminum holders (or even  
> pellets if you're lucky enough to be able to press pellets that hold  
> their shape).  Chemplex Industries is where I have gotten the  
> polypropylene films I have used (and Kapton as well -  
> www.findtape.com also has a good selection of Kapton tape).
> I used this method with many samples that involved heavily chlorided  
> titanium on silica and had few problems if they're used within 5-7  
> days after packing in a glove box (the samples with problems  
> resulted from improperly sealed samples).  You can get jars (baby  
> food jars work very well to ship individual samples) to store the  
> samples for shipping and if you pack the jars in the glove box, you  
> will have the box atmosphere in the jars, for a little while anyway.
> A note on oxygen sensitivity (and to an extent moisture  
> sensitivity):  you probably already know this, but I'll say it  
> anyway...if cardboard is present in the role of Kapton tape, you may  
> have oxygen/water diffusion from the cardboard for a few days after  
> you take it into the box.  Our rule of thumb was to pull vacuum on  
> anything involving cardboard for at least 48 hrs before taking it  
> into the box.  All that to say, take your supplies into the box a  
> few days ahead of time to allow your box catalyst to take care of  
> any residual oxygen/water that make their way in.
> HTH,
> -Richard

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