[Ifeffit] in situ liquid cell

Iztok Arčon iztok.arcon at p-ng.si
Mon Mar 26 05:15:04 CDT 2007

Dear Renato,
In the attachement you will find a photo of a liquid absorption cell 
with adjustable lenght that I ususly use for liquid samples at different 
SR facilities. As a mater of fact it is a comercial version of a liquid 
cell for IR spectroscopy. We just changed the windows to capton or thin 
(0.3 mm) plexi glass.


Renato Canha Ambrosio wrote:

>Dear Colleagues,
>I need to perform XAFS measurements microemulsions (liquid). 
>As I do not have a liquid cell for the in situ XAFS measurements, I would 
>like to know more about liquid cells. 
>Could anyone shoot its cell and send me the photo? 
>I am designing a cell where you optimize the edge 
>jump by modifying the optical path.
>Thank you very much for your kind attention 
>Renato Canha Ambrosio
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