[Ifeffit] Re: opening SSRL data with Athena

Bruce Ravel bravel at anl.gov
Sun Jan 14 08:58:30 CST 2007

On Friday 12 January 2007 15:20, Aaron Slowey wrote:
> I'm running IFEFFIT, Athena, etc. on my Intel Mac after using the the
> recent installer provided by MRCAT. I've opened Athena successfully
> and was able to load a GSECARS data file, but I am unable to load
> SSRL binary data files (original file from a VMS beamline computer).
> Would it help to convert the SSRL binaries to ASCII files? If so, how
> can I do that?


There are enough people in the Ifeffit-using community who are SSRL
users and who might be interested in this question.  SO I am CCing my
answer to the mailing list.

Question 3 at this FAQ page:
explains in some detail what kind of data Athena is able to read.
Obviously SSRL's binary format cannot be imported without the use of a

It would be possible, in principle, to write a plugin that is capable
of reading the SSRL binary format.  However, to my knowledge (which
certainly may be faulty) the technical details of the SSRL format are
not published any place where I can find them.  That's something of an
impediment. ;-)

It would most certainly help to convert to an ascii format.  Not
having worked at SSRL since my grad school days, I don't really know
how to do so.  Your beamline scientist should be able to help you with
that.  Perhaps someone on the list will know the details.


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