[Ifeffit] Re: opening SSRL data with Athena

Silvio Levy levy at msri.org
Sun Jan 14 11:34:26 CST 2007

Here is how I converted my SSRL-collected data so as to be able to
import them into Athena.  (By the way, when you collect the data you
can specify that you want them in ASCII, but I did not know that at
the time.)

1. Install EXAFSPAK, the SSRL-grown Exafs data analysis suite.

2. Run the MVIEW command on each file with instructions to save the
output in ASCII.  Although the command is interactive, you can run it
in quasi-batch mode -- you just have to quit from each window as pops up.
This way you can cycle through 100 files or more in a couple of minutes.

For example, on Linux, I ran the following shell script for files
collected in transmission mode.  The key command is 

mview /num=1-6 /den=1 /write=output-file input-file



cd Raw   # directory where the SSRL binary files reside

for i in `cat list-of-files-to-be-converted`
mview /num=1-6 /den=1 /write=../ASCII/$i $i

# this prints 7 columns (the first being a repeat of energy)
# In Athena, select num=5,den=6 for sample, num=6,den=7 for reference


Hope this helps!

Silvio Levy

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