[Ifeffit] Phase corrected Fourier transforms

Juan Antonio Maciá Agulló Juan.Macia at ua.es
Fri Sep 22 14:16:03 CDT 2006

Hi all,

I have read Phase corrected Fourier transforms in Athena manual and now
I have a big doubt, ¿phase correction or not in a publication?

I have read also that this correction is different (more complete) in
Artemis and I am not sure if I should correct also in Artemis and which
path should I use and why.

I saw many papers dealing with EXAFS fits and they showed a "calculated"
bond distance, I think it is: d = Reff + deltaR, right?

I also ask for a paper where I can find that deltaE is ok (even for
high-Z backscatterers) if deltaE < 10eV.

I have high correlations between ss and SO2, and deltaR and deltaE. I
tried different fits but I can not eliminate them, then...is the fit

Sorry for these easy questions but I am a novice in XAFS.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,
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