[Ifeffit] Artemis import from the text file

Bruce Ravel bravel at anl.gov
Tue Sep 19 10:00:19 CDT 2006

On Tuesday 19 September 2006 00:30, Victor.Streltsov at csiro.au wrote:
> I have the following Artemis problem:
> when I export variables to text file and then read them back into new
> Artemis run/project (import variables from the text file), Artemis cuts
> parts of the expressions starting from multiplication sign '*'.
> I tried different text editors and character coding as well as different
> platforms (Windows XP, Linux FC4).
> It always does the same thing with imported math expressions. It doesn't
> like '*' character. I am puzzled.
> I would appreciate your help and any suggestions.


That's what they call a bug -- and it's all my fault.  I'll fix it
in the next release.

On you windows machine, there's no work-around.

If you want to be adventurous on your linux machine, you can actually
alter the source code.  Open the source code file `artemis.pl' in a
text editor and search for the subroutine "gds2_import_text".  Change

    $val =~ s/[!%#*].*$//;	# ease puts end-of-line comments on
                                # guess lines


    $val =~ s/[!%#].*$//;	# ease puts end-of-line comments on
                                # guess lines

(that is, remove the first asterix).  That'll fix your problem with
very little possibility of a side effect.  And, as I said, it'll be
fixed in the next release.


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