[Ifeffit] data file format

Matthew MAMarcus at lbl.gov
Wed Jun 21 03:36:28 CDT 2006

There are two types of encodings which may differ among text files from
different countries and OSs.  I
don't know how Athena&Co. handle either of them.  One is that numbers and
decimals can differ per country.  If
Kgraph is using a local encoding other than the American standard, say,
using commas instead of periods, it's possible
that Artemis won't understand it.  I have the same problem with my analysis
programs.   Every so often I get a panicky email
from a user whose files won't open.  The other variation is in what
constitutes the end of a line, which is OS-dependent.  It could
be carriage return, linefeed, or CR-LF.
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> Hello
> I have some problems with data file format as I try to import exafs
> files in Artemis or in Athena.
> I am working on a powerbook G4, with OSX 10.4.6. I installed the
> ifeffit package, including Athena and Artemis.  Athena could open any
> XAS "raw" file from fluorescence or transmission measurements.
> However, if I perform any modifications on these raw files with
> exterior programs (Michalowicz programs, Kaleidagraph)  and try to
> import the new files , saved as text files, Athena or Arthemis can
> not open them. I guess it may come from the encoding of the text
> file. Do you have any clue on this encoding issue? Do you know any
> program which would allow me to transform these text files in
> readable files for Artemis?
> Thank you for your answer
> sincerely
> Emmanuelle
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