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Bruce Ravel bravel at anl.gov
Wed Jun 21 08:52:18 CDT 2006

On Wednesday 21 June 2006 03:25, emmanuelle montarges-pelletier wrote:
> Hello
> I have some problems with data file format as I try to import exafs
> files in Artemis or in Athena.
> I am working on a powerbook G4, with OSX 10.4.6. I installed the
> ifeffit package, including Athena and Artemis.  Athena could open any
> XAS "raw" file from fluorescence or transmission measurements.
> However, if I perform any modifications on these raw files with
> exterior programs (Michalowicz programs, Kaleidagraph)  and try to
> import the new files , saved as text files, Athena or Arthemis can
> not open them. I guess it may come from the encoding of the text
> file. Do you have any clue on this encoding issue? Do you know any
> program which would allow me to transform these text files in
> readable files for Artemis?
> Thank you for your answer

Salut Emmanuelle,

Matthew's suggestion of floats with commas is a good suggestion.  A&A
make no attempt at respecting localization.  (That is, a number
between one and two might be written as 1,234 -- which would confuse
A&A -- rather than 1.234.)  If that is the case, your best bet is to
go back to the exterior program and ask it nicely to write out points
instead of commas.  Or you might need to edit the file by hand.

I thought that the end-of-line issue (Matthew's other suggestion) was
one that was solved in A&A years ago.  If that proves not to be the
case, please let me know.

Another possibility is that the exterior program added other text to
the file that is confusing A&A.  Here is my explanation of how Athena
reads ascii data files


and here is the explanation of the file-reading function in Ifeffit
which Athena uses:


The situation in Artemis is similar, although restricted in the sense
that Artemis is expecting its data to be chi(k).

If none of that clarifies the issue for you, I'll need to see an
example of the data file which is causing the problem.

The easiest way to move data from Athena to Artemis is to have Artemis
import its data directly from the Athena project file.

If there is some data processing feature that Athena does not do but
which you require before moving on to data analysis, you should
consider making a feature request here on the mailing list.  Athena
will never get the features that you need if I am not aware that they
are needed!


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