[Ifeffit] personal news

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Wed Jan 12 16:12:19 CST 2005

Hi All, 

It seems that most of the users on this list are using Athena and
Artemis on Windows.  As Bruce hinted at, code development will
slow way down for the next few months.  For windows users, his
ability to build executables will stop on Friday, even if bugs in
the code can be fixed (I'm not volunteering, and don't expect new
features from me, or fixing mis-features, but I might be able help
solve a serious problem now and then).

The most optimistic timeframe for getting back the ability to make
windows executables is March.  I suspect (and hope!) that this
will not be Bruce's highest priority during the first few months
of his job.  

Is there anyone here who depends on Athena and Artemis enough to
consider working to build these executables themselves?  Doing so
would probably require some knowledge of programming, and some
familiarity with Perl would definitely be ideal.  In addition,
you'd need a modern Windows machine and the ActiveState PerlDev
Kit, which costs somewhere between $100 and $500 (US).


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