[Ifeffit] personal news

Carlo U. Segre segre at iit.edu
Wed Jan 12 17:27:05 CST 2005


On behalf of Sector 10 (MR-CAT) welcome!  We all look forward to working 
with you on lits of things over the coming years.


On Wed, 12 Jan 2005, Bruce Ravel wrote:

> Hi!
> I wanted to let all the good folks on the mailing list know about an
> imminent change in my life.  This coming Friday will be my last day
> with my current employer, the Naval Research Lab.  I will be taking a
> 7-week vacation, then starting a new position at Argonne working in
> the Environmental Research Division.  My responsibilities there will
> include helping to build an XAS station on the Sector 10 bending
> magnet.  My new boss knows all about the software and has encouraged
> me to continue working on it.  Yay!

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