[Ifeffit] A question for Windows users

SCHLEGEL Michel 177447 schlegel at azurite.cea.fr
Mon Mar 17 10:05:54 CST 2003

Hello Bruce, everybody

you wrote: 

> Athena is not always particularly creative about the names it suggests
> for output files.  For example, if you use the feature of saving
> several marked groups to a single output file, Athena suggests that
> the names be "marked.space".  That is, if you save marked groups as
> chi(k), the suggested file name is "marked.chi".  If you save marked
> groups as the real part of chi(R), the suggested file name is
> "marked.chir_re".
> It is possible to configure Explorer such that it does not display
> file extensions (i.e. the bit after the dot).  That might make it hard
> to tell different marked group output files apart if the suggested
> names are used.
> Is this a problem for anyone?  Should I change the suggested names
> such that the suggestive part is not in the extension?  That is, would
> "chi.marked" and "chir_re.marked" be better names?

Actually, as a Window user (booo! hisss!), my first move is to 
have all the extensions appearing in Explorer, a basic security 
move (e.g., to avoid clicking on a "picture.gif" that actually 
corresponds to a "picture.gif.exe", with all undesirable consequences).

I also find it much easier to keep the pre-dot part of the data file
for the sample name, and the post-dot part for the data type (and I'm
eternally grateful to Ifeffit to provide us miscellaneous and yet 
distinct extensions; no joke).  

Therefore, I suggest NOT to change the current feature. 

Best regards, 

Michel Schlegel

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