[Ifeffit] A question for Windows users

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Mon Mar 17 10:21:35 CST 2003


Thanks -- I completely agree.  Our data collecion program (and
at least one other at an APS beamline where athena is used
heavily, and I suspect many others)  use the file extension
for scan number:
  datafile.001, datafile.002, ...
On top of that, many of the analysis programs (at least 
the ones I use!) keep related files as
  datafile.xmu, datafile.chi, datafile.rsp, ...

Because of this, I find the Windows 'hide file extensions' to
be completely unusable for handling real data analysis based
on small ascii files.  I make sure this feature is turned off
on all our beamline computers where people will be running
athena, artemis, and sixpack, and wouldn't expect athena to
try to recover from Windows "very clever" ability to hide file


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