[Ifeffit] A question for Windows users

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Fri Mar 14 13:55:07 CST 2003

Hi folks,

Athena is not always particularly creative about the names it suggests
for output files.  For example, if you use the feature of saving
several marked groups to a single output file, Athena suggests that
the names be "marked.space".  That is, if you save marked groups as
chi(k), the suggested file name is "marked.chi".  If you save marked
groups as the real part of chi(R), the suggested file name is

It is possible to configure Explorer such that it does not display
file extensions (i.e. the bit after the dot).  That might make it hard
to tell different marked group output files apart if the suggested
names are used.

Is this a problem for anyone?  Should I change the suggested names
such that the suggestive part is not in the extension?  That is, would
"chi.marked" and "chir_re.marked" be better names?

If no one pipes up, then I'll assume things are ok as they stand.  If
even one person makes a compelling argument, I'll probably change the
suggested names throughout my programs to avoid this situation.

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