[Ifeffit] OS X installer?

Carlo U. Segre segre at iit.edu
Tue Jul 22 17:43:06 CDT 2003


There is a third alternative.  I have been building Debian/GNU Linux
packages of all of these programs and they are available for use by


On Tue, 22 Jul 2003, Scott Calvin wrote:

>Hi all,
>It's decision time for me. I'm starting a new faculty position, and
>need to decide ASAP whether I'm going Mac or Windows. While my
>preference is Mac, I'm not going to choose that for me and any
>undergrads who end up working with me without knowing that there will
>be in the near future an Artemis/Athena/IFeffit installer that allows
>students to easily install this software on their own systems.
>Is anyone planning to do this soon, or do I go with Windows?
>--Scott Calvin
>Sarah Lawrence College
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