[Ifeffit] athena 0.9.012 + an updater utility

Kelly, Shelly D. SKelly at anl.gov
Thu Jan 30 11:28:17 CST 2003

Hi Bruce,

I believe that the set edge step button is broken in Athena when the
Clnorm background is used.  To reproduce this error:
1 read in a xmu data set
2 set the background to clnorm and plot the normalized bkg.
3 push the set step height button and change the value.
4 replot the background and watch the set height value go back to the
original value.

If you need a project file let me know. 


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> Subject: [Ifeffit] athena 0.9.012 + an updater utility
> Hi folks,
> I just release a new version of Athena, a new Windows executable for
> Athena, and a new source code tarball.  You can find them in the
> normal places.  There are only two new things, but they are both
> pretty important.
> 1.  Fixed a serious bug in how Athena handles filenames with long,
>     similar names.  There was a problem in how Athena was translating
>     long filenames into ifeffit group names that could lead to very
>     broken behavior.
> 2.  For unix and Mac users, I wrote a perl script called
>     "horae_update" which gets installed upon installation into
>     /usr/local/bin (or wherever athena and artemis go).  The purpose
>     of this script is to automate updating athena and artemis to the
>     very latest versions.  It fetches the latest source code tarball
>     from the web, unpacks it, builds it, and (if you run it as root)
>     installs it.  Very handy.
>     The updater is only loosely tested, so I am eager for feedback
>     from people, and particularly from the OSX crowd.  It seems to
>     work ok for me and makes updating the codes a snap.
>     I plan to write a similar program for Windows users soon.  My plan
>     is to have a button in the Ifeffit menu on the Start Menu that
>     says something like "Update Athena and Artemis".  Clicking it will
>     fetch and install the latest Windows executables.  I'll make an
>     announcment here when it is ready.
> Regards,
> B
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