[Ifeffit] athena 0.9.012 + an updater utility

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Thu Jan 30 10:20:43 CST 2003

Hi folks,

I just release a new version of Athena, a new Windows executable for
Athena, and a new source code tarball.  You can find them in the
normal places.  There are only two new things, but they are both
pretty important.

1.  Fixed a serious bug in how Athena handles filenames with long,
    similar names.  There was a problem in how Athena was translating
    long filenames into ifeffit group names that could lead to very
    broken behavior.

2.  For unix and Mac users, I wrote a perl script called
    "horae_update" which gets installed upon installation into
    /usr/local/bin (or wherever athena and artemis go).  The purpose
    of this script is to automate updating athena and artemis to the
    very latest versions.  It fetches the latest source code tarball
    from the web, unpacks it, builds it, and (if you run it as root)
    installs it.  Very handy.

    The updater is only loosely tested, so I am eager for feedback
    from people, and particularly from the OSX crowd.  It seems to
    work ok for me and makes updating the codes a snap.

    I plan to write a similar program for Windows users soon.  My plan
    is to have a button in the Ifeffit menu on the Start Menu that
    says something like "Update Athena and Artemis".  Clicking it will
    fetch and install the latest Windows executables.  I'll make an
    announcment here when it is ready.


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