[Ifeffit] Ifeffit 1.0076

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Fri Jan 24 15:17:55 CST 2003


>  TW> Will it be easier to create a HORAE_install script like
>  TW> PGPLOT_install than keeping it up-to-date?  Just an idea...

This is a fine idea.  Sure, horae may get updated more frequently
than the ifeffit library, but a script to grab the latest horae
and install it would mean that I wouldn't have to keep the perl
module up-to-date and could allow the latest athena, artemis to
be easily installed and upgraded at any time.  Of course,
Athena/Artemis could also notify when updates are available
or use the perl package manager.

Such a script doesn't seem very hard to me.


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