[Ifeffit] HORAE_install

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Fri Jan 24 17:16:04 CST 2003

Hi folks,

Following Tsu-Chien's and Matt's suggestions, I threw together an
"HORAE_install" script.  I cribbed this together by hacking at Matt's
PGPLOT_install script for about an hour this afternoon.

I offer this for the unix people on this list to play around with.  It
seems to work for me on my linux machine, but I make no promises that
it will work for anyone else.

It uses wget to fetch the horae tarball, then unpacks and builds the
goods.  If you are root, it also installs athena and artemis.
Otherwise, you need to become root and do the "make install" step by

Because the horae tarball is on a web site and not an ftp site, the
HORAE_install script does not have the option of falling back on ncftp
and ftp (as does PGPLOT_install) if wget is not installed on your
system.  No wget, and it won't work.  In principle, I could use lynx
or even mozilla as a fallback, but as I said I only spent an hour
hacking at this.

I may or may not work anymore on this script, so I would be thrilled
if someone else wanted to maintain it.  If so, contact me.

I'll see to it that this script continues to work as I make new
releases of the horae tarball.  (That is, I'll update the symlink and
the small file that the installation script looks for on my website.)

Here's the URL:



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