[Ifeffit] Ifeffit 1.0076

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Fri Jan 24 13:41:09 CST 2003

 > On Fri, 24 Jan 2003, Tsu-Chien Weng <tsuchien at umich.edu> said:

 TW> Hi Dr. Newville,
 MN> It is OK if I just remove the perl module from the source kit so
 MN> there's no potential conflict with horae?  If not, I should
 MN> probably keep the perl module in the distribution up to date with
 MN> the horae!!
 >> ifeffit but does not want to use athena.  However, you definately
 >> should make sure that ifeffit keeps up to date with horae.  And
 >> you should make it so that the perl wrapper is not built by
 >> default.

 TW> Will it be easier to create a HORAE_install script like
 TW> PGPLOT_install than keeping it up-to-date?  Just an idea...

My codes and PGPLOT do not occupy similar places in the Ifeffit

PGPLOT is the plotting backend that Ifeffit uses.  It typically only
needs to be installed once, prior to the first time that you install
any version of Ifeffit.  When you upgrade Ifeffit, you should normally
not need to touch PGPLOT.

Horae, on the other hand, is my package of wrappers around Ifeffit's
core of functionality.  That is, it is a front end to Ifeffit.  What's
more, I tend to release new versions of the horae package a couple
times a month, whereas Matt has been releasing new versions of the
Ifeffit library only every few months.  It is, therefore, the case
that you will want to upgrade horae much more often that ifeffit.
This is contrast to pgplot, which you will upgrade much less often
than Ifeffit.

Matt and I made a considered decision to have horae be separate from
the ifeffit package.  Part of that decision was due to a bug in perl's
build system which was making it difficult to install ifeffit and
horae in one fell swoop, but part of the decision was that my upgrade
cycle is so very much faster.  I really want to encourage people to
keep up with my releases rather than waiting for Matt to get around to
releasing a new version of the whole thing.

In any case, a script like you suggest could be made, but it really is
not very necessary.  It is not so difficult to find, download, and
build my stuff.  This is another difference from PGPLOT, which is
quite a chore to correctly build.


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