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Raul Barrea barrea at bio.aps.anl.gov
Fri Oct 25 16:20:10 CDT 2002

Hi Bruce,
                I just downloaded your last exe files of Athena and Artemis.
I tried the detach plot buttons feature and I found that the Data group card
is gone. I've done this before and after loading some data and it happened
in both cases. Then I selected the replace option and nothing happened
except the message "this may take a few seconds".  So, there is no way to
select any data after select this option.
Raul Barrea

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>    1. Athena 0.8.004 and Artemis 0.5.001 (Bruce Ravel)
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> From: Bruce Ravel <ravel at phys.washington.edu>
> Subject: [Ifeffit] Athena 0.8.004 and Artemis 0.5.001
> Hi everyone,
> I posted a new source tarball (horae-005.tar.gz) and new windows
> executables on my webpage today.  Both Athena and Artemis have
> significant new features and bug fixes.
> Athena:
>   The biggest new feature is the many new keyboard shortcuts.  Here's
>   a summary:
>      Ctrl-t      toggle marking of current group
>      Ctrl-p e    plot current in energy
>      Ctrl-p k    plot current in k-space
>      Ctrl-p r    plot current in R-space
>      Ctrl-p q    plot current in q-space
>      Meta-p e    plot marked in energy
>      Meta-p k    plot marked in k-space
>      Meta-p r    plot marked in R-space
>      Meta-p q    plot marked in q-space
>      Ctrl-k      select group above
>      Ctrl-j      select group below
>   It is now possible to do much more work with Athena without taking
>   your hands of the keyboard.
>   You can now save derivative of mu(E) spectra to files.  The
>   auto-alignment algorithm changed slightly.  Let me know if it is
>   better or worse than before.  You can detach the plot buttons from
>   the main window.  That's rather wacky, but people may like it.  See
>   the "Plot" menu.
> Artemis:
>   I fixed a half dozen really serious bugs that were discovered during
>   and after the recent analysis course at NSLS.  I will certainly not
>   claim that artemis is bug-free -- you just have to go find new ways
>   to break it ;-)
>   The most significant new feature is on the paths page.  There is now
>   a little box for the degeneracy.  It is filled automagically with
>   the degeneracy from the feffNNNN.dat file.  It must be a number and
>   must not be a variable.  I hope this will help clarify the inherent
>   confusion between N, S02, and other terms which affect the
>   amplitude.  There are menu items for setting all degeneracies to 1
>   or resetting them to their feffNNNN.dat values.
>   Also I changed the background color of Artemis so that, if you have
>   both Athena and Artemis open at the same time, they are easier to
>   tell apart.
> The complete lists of changes and bug fixes are available on the web
> site.
> Extra special thanks this time to Mark Jensen (YeS, i fiXeD YouR bUg),
> Jia Liu (who was *very* patient in helping me track down some serious
> Artemis bugs, thanks!), Shelly Kelly (whose mouse avoidance regimen is
> proceeding nicely), and Scott Calvin (for color consultation).
> Have fun!
> B
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>  Beamlines X11a, X11b, X23b, X24c, U4b
>  National Synchrotron Light Source
>  Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY 11973
>  My homepage:    http://feff.phys.washington.edu/~ravel
>  EXAFS software: http://feff.phys.washington.edu/~ravel/software/exafs/
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