[Ifeffit] Athena 0.8.004 and Artemis 0.5.001

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Thu Oct 24 14:48:34 CDT 2002

Hi everyone,

I posted a new source tarball (horae-005.tar.gz) and new windows
executables on my webpage today.  Both Athena and Artemis have
significant new features and bug fixes.

  The biggest new feature is the many new keyboard shortcuts.  Here's
  a summary:
     Ctrl-t      toggle marking of current group
     Ctrl-p e    plot current in energy
     Ctrl-p k    plot current in k-space
     Ctrl-p r    plot current in R-space
     Ctrl-p q    plot current in q-space
     Meta-p e    plot marked in energy
     Meta-p k    plot marked in k-space
     Meta-p r    plot marked in R-space
     Meta-p q    plot marked in q-space
     Ctrl-k      select group above
     Ctrl-j      select group below
  It is now possible to do much more work with Athena without taking
  your hands of the keyboard.

  You can now save derivative of mu(E) spectra to files.  The
  auto-alignment algorithm changed slightly.  Let me know if it is
  better or worse than before.  You can detach the plot buttons from
  the main window.  That's rather wacky, but people may like it.  See
  the "Plot" menu.

  I fixed a half dozen really serious bugs that were discovered during
  and after the recent analysis course at NSLS.  I will certainly not
  claim that artemis is bug-free -- you just have to go find new ways
  to break it ;-)

  The most significant new feature is on the paths page.  There is now
  a little box for the degeneracy.  It is filled automagically with
  the degeneracy from the feffNNNN.dat file.  It must be a number and
  must not be a variable.  I hope this will help clarify the inherent
  confusion between N, S02, and other terms which affect the
  amplitude.  There are menu items for setting all degeneracies to 1
  or resetting them to their feffNNNN.dat values.

  Also I changed the background color of Artemis so that, if you have
  both Athena and Artemis open at the same time, they are easier to
  tell apart.

The complete lists of changes and bug fixes are available on the web

Extra special thanks this time to Mark Jensen (YeS, i fiXeD YouR bUg),
Jia Liu (who was *very* patient in helping me track down some serious
Artemis bugs, thanks!), Shelly Kelly (whose mouse avoidance regimen is
proceeding nicely), and Scott Calvin (for color consultation).

Have fun!

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