[Ifeffit] detaching plot buttons in Athena on Windows

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Fri Oct 25 16:33:46 CDT 2002

Raul said:

 RB> I just downloaded your last exe files of Athena and Artemis.  I
 RB> tried the detach plot buttons feature and I found that the Data
 RB> group card is gone. I've done this before and after loading some
 RB> data and it happened in both cases. Then I selected the replace
 RB> option and nothing happened except the message "this may take a
 RB> few seconds".  So, there is no way to select any data after
 RB> select this option.

Hmmm.... that's a problem.... I guess I forgot to test that little
feature on Windows before releasing.  Drat!

Fortunately, the work-around is really obvious ;-)


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