[Ifeffit] Athena: problems at the Bi L3 edge

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Wed Oct 23 07:58:32 CDT 2002

 > On Wed, 23 Oct 2002, "Carlo U. Segre" <segre at iit.edu> said:

 CUS> I have a file which runs out about 1200eV above the edge
 CUS> (13419eV).  While Athena does find the high energy when setting
 CUS> the default normalization and spline ranges, it does not plot
 CUS> any of the data beyond 14220 (about 800eV above the edge).  In
 CUS> fact, there seems to be a hard limit of about 800eV above the
 CUS> edge for all data and this translates into the k-space plot as
 CUS> well.  I am now unsure of what effect this might have on the
 CUS> back transform if the defaults are not touched but certainly the
 CUS> graphical setting of limits for normalization, spline fit,
 CUS> fourier transform and back transform wil not work since the plot
 CUS> does not show the complete data range.

Hey Carlo,

While I believe that you are indeed running up against one of Athena's
weak spots, a mere description is insufficient for me to troubleshoot
the problem.  I really need a project file or a raw data file that
will reliably trigger this problem.  I routinely use Athena on data
that extends beyond 1200eV, so this is not a generic problem.

I recently wrote up some guidelines for how you, the problem reporter,
can help me, the problem solver, solve problems quickly and
efficiently.  Please take a look at

To everyone reading this mailing list:
  Please use the suggestions on that web page as appropriate to your
  problem when communicating with me.  I get software-related mail
  *every day* and am often swamped.  Communicating well with me will
  really facilitate my ability to address your problem.

 CUS> Another problem I have found is that the Auto Align feature is
 CUS> somewhat unreliable and does not always yield a visually correct
 CUS> shift.  I haven't characterized when exactly this happens but it
 CUS> has seemed to work once on a file and then not work later on the
 CUS> same two files.

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