[Ifeffit] Athena: problems at the Bi L3 edge

Carlo U. Segre segre at iit.edu
Wed Oct 23 00:43:24 CDT 2002


I have encountered some strange behavior at the Bi L3 edge.

I have a file which runs out about 1200eV above the edge (13419eV).  While
Athena does find the high energy when setting the default normalization
and spline ranges, it does not plot any of the data beyond 14220 (about
800eV above the edge).  In fact, there seems to be a hard limit of about
800eV above the edge for all data and this translates into the k-space
plot as well.  I am now unsure of what effect this might have on the back
transform if the defaults are not touched but certainly the graphical
setting of limits for normalization, spline fit, fourier transform and
back transform wil not work since the plot does not show the complete data

Another problem I have found is that the Auto Align feature is somewhat
unreliable and does not always yield a visually correct shift.  I haven't
characterized when exactly this happens but it has seemed to work once on
a file and then not work later on the same two files.



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