[Ifeffit] Re: continuous scan data

Webb, Samuel M. samwebb at SLAC.Stanford.EDU
Thu Jul 18 12:52:44 CDT 2002

Hi all...

I've been reading the list about the continuous scan data lately and it looks as if the main issue getting a oversampled grid onto the "standard EXAFS" grid.  We've collected a lot of continous scan data DND-CAT at the APS and basically have a routine to bin the data so it resembles a normal step scan (this way you don't loose the statistics and use every point) and then feed it into IFEFFIT.  I'm not sure how similar the MR-CAT setup is to the DND collection, but it may be that the conversion process is very similar.  To that effect, I have integrated those scipts into an averaging program (now called Sixpack) and analysis suite that uses IFEFFIT.  One future development that I hope to add to the program is to be able to read a variety of formats, and allow user definable formats.  Until that is complete, it would be simple for me to expand the functionality of what's there to include the MR-CAT continuous scan format...  This solution might be able to circumvent the current problems
of the splining you have.

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