[Ifeffit] continuous scan data

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Wed Jul 17 10:47:41 CDT 2002

Matt said:

> -- if you know (or athena can help you guess) which column
>    should be in strictly increasing order, you can use
>           read_data(file =...  , sort = 1)
>    where 'sort=n' means to sort all the data so the nth column
>    is strictly increasing.  At this point, duplicate values are
>    preserved.

This is extremely similar to what Athena already does.  When you
select a column in the column selection dialog as containing energy,
Athena checks to see that it is strictly increasing.  If not, it asks
you whether you want to ignore the data or have Athena sort it.  If
you choose to sort it, then Athena will sort all columns such that
they are non-decreasing in energy.  It will then remove any data
points that are not strictly increasing.

This sorting is all done internally because when I first ran into the
problem, I was not aware of the sort argument to read_data.  Also
sorting is something for which perl has a particularly expressive and
flexible syntax.

Athena then hands of the sorted, strictly increasing data to Ifeffit
for further handling.


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