[Ifeffit] The so-called ravelware packages

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Fri Jul 5 12:58:42 CDT 2002


Today Matt asked me why I don't make one big tarball with Atoms,
Athen, and Artemis all in it.  Apparently a few people have complained
to him about problems upgrading them one at a time.

I think that having one big tarball is a great idea and, in fact, I
have been looking forward to the day when all three would be basically
stable and ready for real work.  Atoms and Athena are there.  Artemis
should be soon.

I'll probably keep with the separate tarballs thing for my own
convenience for a short while longer, but I suspect that in the next
couple of months I'll start doing one huge tarball.

If anyone has a compelling reason for me *not* to do so, speak up!


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