[Ifeffit] New source code releases for Atoms and Athena

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Fri Jul 5 11:06:27 CDT 2002

Hi Folks,

I just uploaded new source tarballs for Atoms and Athena to my web

For Athena, I corrected two small and somewhat obscure bugs that I
found last week.  One had to do with the behaviour of the "fix step"
button and the other with how Cromer-Liberman normalizion parameters
were handled internally.

For Atoms, most of the reason for the new release was to correct
mistakes in the absorption library.
  1. The McMaster tables now have a correct entry for the element Re
  2. The McMaster tables now corectly handle energy ranges between the
     L2 and L3 edges
  3. The function that computes the normalization correction has much
     more error checking and has a few little bugs corrected.  It
     should never return a negative normalization correction any more
  4. A few small changes to WebAtoms, which also benefits by the items
  5. A new item in the TkAtoms File menu -- a submenu labeled "Recent
     files".  The idea here is that you can easily return to an
     atoms.inp file you had been looking at earlier in your TkAtoms
     session.  As currently implemented it is functional, but behaves
     a little oddly.  The order of the entries is backwards of what
     you may expect (i.e. most recent file is last in the list) and
     the list never gets truncated.  I got tired of fiddling with it,
     so I declared it "functional enough";-)

Check out
for the latest.

Next week I hope to build new Windows binaries of all three of my
programs based on Matt's most recent release of Ifeffit, so keep
you eyes on this mailing list for that announcement.

As always, comments, suggestions, feature requests, and bug reports
are very welcome.


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