The Center for Advanced Radiation Sources is a part of the University of Chicago's Physical Sciences Division (cognizant dean: Edward Kolb). The Center receives funding from federal agencies and industrial collaborators for the operation of its research resources, which are managed with input from the Consortium for Advanced Radiation Sources and discipline-specific advisory committees.

Administrative Leadership

Mark Rivers, Executive Director

Scientific Leadership


Mark Rivers, Principal Investigator
Steve Sutton, Principal Investigator


Rama Ranganathan, Principal Investigator
Keith Moffat, Co-Principal Investigator
Vukica Šrajer, Co-Principal Investigator
Rob Henning, Operations Manager


Matthew Tirrell, Principal Investigator
Binhua Lin, Deputy Director
Yu-Sheng Chen, Operations Manager

Committee Oversight

CARS Coordinating Committee

This committee receives reports on APS and CARS activities and coordinates and oversees funding, staffing, central management, and infrastructure activities. Meetings are held bi-weekly.

Mark Rivers, Chair
Matthew Tirrell
Keith Moffat
Binhua Lin
Yu-Sheng Chen
Vukica Šrajer
Steve Sutton

CARS Safety Committee

The Safety Committee advises the Executive Director on the development of safe operating procedures pertaining to beamline operation and other day-to-day safety requirements. The CARS Safety Officer is Guy Macha. Meetings are scheduled as necessary.


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