quadEM  7-0
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCasynPortDriverBase class for asyn port drivers; handles most of the bookkeeping for writing an asyn port driver with standard asyn interfaces and a parameter library
|\CasynNDArrayDriverThis is the class from which NDArray drivers are derived; implements the asynGenericPointer functions for NDArray objects
| oCADDriverClass from which areaDetector drivers are directly derived
| oCdrvQuadEMBase class to control the quad electrometer
| |oCdrvAHxxxClass to control the Elettra/CaenEls AHxxx 4-Channel Picoammeters
| |oCdrvAPS_EMClass to control the Elettra APS_EM 4-Channel Picoammeter
| |oCdrvNSLS2_EMClass to control the NSLS Precision Integrator
| |oCdrvNSLS2_ICClass to control the NSLS Precision Integrator
| |oCdrvNSLS_EMClass to control the NSLS Precision Integrator
| |\CdrvTetrAMMClass to control the CaenEls TetrAMM 4-Channel Picoammeter
| \CNDPluginDriverClass from which actual plugin drivers are derived; derived from asynNDArrayDriver
|  oCNDPluginAttributeExtract an Attribute from an NDArray and publish the value (and array of values) over channel access
|  oCNDPluginAttrPlotAD plugin that saves attribute values from recieved NDArrays
|  oCNDPluginCircularBuffPerforms a scope like capture
|  oCNDPluginCodec
|  oCNDPluginColorConvertConvert NDArrays from one NDColorMode to another
|  oCNDPluginFFTCompute FFTs on signals
|  oCNDPluginFileBase class for NDArray file writing plugins; actual file writing plugins inherit from this class
|  |oCNDFileHDF5Writes NDArrays in the HDF5 file format; an XML file can control the structure of the HDF5 file
|  |oCNDFileJPEGWrites NDArrays in the JPEG file format, which is a lossy compression format
|  |oCNDFileMagickWrites NDArrays to files using the GraphicsMagick library; can write many different file formats
|  |oCNDFileNetCDFWrites NDArrays to files in the netCDF file format
|  |oCNDFileNexusWrites NDArrays in the NeXus file format
|  |oCNDFileNullWrites NDArrays in the Null file format
|  |\CNDFileTIFFWrites NDArrays in the TIFF file format
|  oCNDPluginGatherA plugin that subscribes to callbacks from multiple ports, not just a single port
|  oCNDPluginOverlayOverlay graphics on top of an image
|  oCNDPluginProcessDoes image processing operations
|  oCNDPluginPvaConverts NDArray callback data into EPICS V4 NTNDArray data and exposes it as an EPICS V4 PV
|  oCNDPluginROIExtract Regions-Of-Interest (ROI) from NDArray data; the plugin can be a source of NDArray callbacks for other plugins, passing these sub-arrays
|  oCNDPluginROIStatCompute statistics on ROIs in an array
|  oCNDPluginScatterA plugin that does callbacks in round-robin fashion rather than passing every NDArray to every callback client
|  oCNDPluginStatsDoes image statistics
|  oCNDPluginStdArraysConverts NDArray callback data into standard asyn arrays (asynInt8Array, asynInt16Array, asynInt32Array, asynInt64Array, asynFloat32Array or asynFloat64Array); normally used for putting NDArray data in EPICS waveform records
|  oCNDPluginTimeSeriesCompute time series on signals
|  oCNDPluginTransformPerform transformations (rotations, flips) on NDArrays
|  \CNDPosPlugin
oChdf5::AttributeClass used for writing an Attribute with the NDFileHDF5 plugin
oCCCDMultiTrackArea Detector class enabling multi-ROI driver for the Andor CCD
oCCircularBuffer< T >
oCCircularBuffer< double >
oChdf5::DataSourceClass used for writing a DataSource with the NDFileHDF5 plugin
oChdf5::ElementDescribe a generic structure element with the NDFileHDF5 plugin
|oChdf5::DatasetClass used for writing a DataSet with the NDFileHDF5 plugin
|oChdf5::GroupDescribe a group element
||\Chdf5::RootClass used for writing the root of the file with the NDFileHDF5 plugin
|\Chdf5::HardLinkClass used for writing a HardLink with the NDFileHDF5 plugin
|\CNDPluginPvaConverts NDArray callback data into EPICS V4 NTNDArray data and exposes it as an EPICS V4 PV
|oCExposeDataTaskA task that periodically executes the data exposure method of the plugin
|\CNDPluginDriverClass from which actual plugin drivers are derived; derived from asynNDArrayDriver
oCjpegDestMgrExpanded data destination object for JPEG output
oChdf5::LayoutXMLUsed to define layout of HDF5 file with NDFileHDF5 plugin
oCNDArrayN-dimensional array class; each array has a set of dimensions, a data type, pointer to data, and optional attributes
oCNDArrayInfoStructure returned by NDArray::getInfo
oCNDArrayPoolManages a free list (pool) of NDArray objects
oCNDAttributeNDAttribute class; an attribute has a name, description, source type, source string, data type, and value
|oCfunctAttributeAttribute that gets its value from a user-defined function The updateValue() method for this class retrieves the current value from the function
|oCparamAttributeAttribute that gets its value from an asynNDArrayDriver driver parameter
|\CPVAttributeAttribute that gets its value from an EPICS PV
oCNDAttributeListNodeStructure used by the EPICS ellLib library for linked lists of C++ objects
oCNDAttrValueUnion defining the values in an NDAttribute object
oCNDDimensionStructure defining a dimension of an NDArray
oCNDFileHDF5DatasetClass used for writing a Dataset with the NDFileHDF5 plugin
oCNDOverlayStructure defining an overlay
oCNDROIStructure defining a Region-Of-Interest and Stats
oCparamListClass to support parameter library (also called parameter list); set and get values indexed by parameter number (pasynUser->reason) and do asyn callbacks when parameters change