[Ifeffit] Cool math expression

Anatoly Frenkel anatoly.frenkel at stonybrook.edu
Fri Jun 19 12:12:22 CDT 2020

I thought I share a really good idea I found in someone's fit project that
was shared with me.
Instead of varying deltaR and then doing something like: "after R_final =
2.79 + deltaR" to have Artemis calculate the actual bond length (and then
looking for its uncertainty in the list of guess parameters in the log file
for the corresponding deltaR variable's uncertainty), it can be written in
the Artemis data window as:
[image: image.png]
where A_Cr is the bond length, and its uncertainty will be written in the
same place with the best fit value in the guess parameters list.

Probably I am the only one not using this trick, but I still thought it
would be good to share.
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