[Ifeffit] Installation of Athena on Linux Ubuntu

Welter, Edmund edmund.welter at desy.de
Thu Mar 7 07:56:16 CST 2019

Dear Mohamed, 

you will find instructions how to install the software under Linus on Bruce's webpages: 
[ https://bruceravel.github.io/demeter/ | https://bruceravel.github.io/demeter/ ] 
Look out for "David Hughes' guide to Demeter Installation on Ubuntu" 

Don't use the version from the Ubuntu repositories, it is very old. You have to compile the software on your computer. If you follow the instructions you will (finally) be able to do so. Please be aware, that the instructions are for older Linux/Ubuntu versions and that some libraries are meanwhile updated. Well, you have to read all the stuff that is written in the terminal when you install the dependencies, some will not be installed with the version numbers in the instructions, you must identify the correct version numbers and install these newer versions. 

Best of luck, 

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Subject: [Ifeffit] Installation of Athena on Linux Ubuntu 

Dear All, 

I would like to install Athena in my Linux Ubuntu 16.04 OS. Any idea on how to and if there is already a software develloped for Linux OS. 
I searched but didn't find it and I'm wondering if someone has already developed it. 

Thank you 

Mohamed Naji 


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