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Hi Abdul,

You can, of course, make that assumption but you must realize that by doing so you are imposing a crystallographic constraint which could possibly not be fully reflective of the actual local structure.  It all depends on what question you are asking.  This is actually a very important point because your assumptions will influence your results.
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On June 14, 2018 7:19:20 AM CDT, ABDUL AHAD <abdulahad.phy at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks for reply,
>yes i have to take care of such things. But let me confined us within
>limit, suppose the single scattering path is absorber (Cu) to Cu and
>scattering path is absorber to oxygen then back to absorber (forward
>scattering) and other one is absorber to oxygen then oxygen to Cu and
>back to absorber, All of these have same Reff. So my question is can
>the same delt_r for all of these path in which only Cu and O take
>If all of these are different then how?
>Thanks in advance
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