[Ifeffit] Artemis hung up on importing fpj containing VPaths

Nicholas Marcella nicholas.marcella at stonybrook.edu
Mon Dec 10 14:57:15 CST 2018

Hi All,

I'm trying to import an Artemis project that contains VPaths. The import
stalls on the "importing VPaths" step. There is no error. The program
crashes when I click on the GUI. I tried to recreate this issue and found
that the following steps do so:

Note: Step 5 is critical. If a fit is not run within the project file, the
VPaths are loaded successfully.

To recreate:
1) Import FEFF calculation and some data set.
2) Add some number of paths to the data set
3) Mark all paths and Alt+shift+m
4) transfer VPath to plotting list. Plot.
5) Run a basic fit.
6) save and close. Exit Artemis.
7) Open Artemis, try to import the project.

p.s. I tried deleting %APPDATA% and doing a reinstall.

As for a quick solution: is there anyway I can skip importing VPaths when
loading my project file?

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*Stony Brook University*
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