[Ifeffit] current-amp recommendation

Matthew Marcus mamarcus at lbl.gov
Tue Nov 14 14:16:00 CST 2017

I've gotten involved with a project in which stabilization of the position of a monochromatic, soft X-ray beam is needed.  The
offending frequencies seem to be vibration frequencies like 57 and 116Hz.  We have in mind to use a thin Au film with a gap in the
middle, measuring the drain current from the films, much as people normally use the jaws of slits.  Now, I'd like to find a couple
of current amplifiers which are small enough so that they can be connected with very short cables to the BNC connectors on the
air-side of this detector, and which would have decent frequency response and low noise with inputs of the order of 0.1-1nA.
Although this topic is outside the realm of XAFS analysis with IFEFFIT, I figure that people on this group might have some
good experience.


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