[Ifeffit] data table for larch data group

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Fri Dec 22 11:47:35 CST 2017


If I read an ascii file with read_ascii() like so:

   a = read_ascii(file)

The "a" group has a data attribute which contains the entire data table 
as a 2D array.  It also has 1D arrays for each column from the data 
table.  Those 1D arrays have attribute names taken from the column labels.

If I do something to change the data table, is there a function that I 
can call that repopulates the 1D arrays with the columns of the altered 
data table?

For example:

   a = read_ascii(file)

a.data is, say, array<shape=(5,500)>

   a.data = a.data[:, (0 .. 10)]

now a.data is, say, array<shape=(5,11)>

   a.repopulate_arrays()  # <---- the thing i am looking for....

Now a.energy, a.i0, etc should be array<shape=(11,)>

Hope that's clear.


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