[Ifeffit] Saving Bug

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Mon Sep 12 08:34:52 CDT 2016

On 09/10/2016 07:03 PM, Matteo Busi wrote:
> It occurs when I try to save groups to files, it seems that the saving
> option change the output while it shouldn't. When I save using the "Save
> current group as ..." option I get the full log with many columns,
> whereas when I save using the "Save marked group as ..." option I only
> get 2 columns.
> (I saved only as xmu and norm but I guess it is occuring for every
> extension)

I do not see this behavior.  It's not that I don't believe you, it is 
that you have not provided enough information for me to see the problem 
on my own computer.

I need to know things about the state of Athena that should be contained 
in the project file.  Specifically, I want to know that you have 
actually marked groups before trying to "Save marked groups as ..."

So, post a project file that displays this behavior AND provide an 
explicit recipe of mouse clicks so I can reproduce it on my computer.


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