[Ifeffit] Exporting Athena projects data

Matteo Busi basebush at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 16:53:54 CST 2016

Hi Bruce, hi mailing list readers.
With the project I'm working with, it came out that would be really useful
for me to export groups in both .xmu and .chi .
More in details I have to deal with a function that depends on both the chi
and xmu data. I tried to look at all the chances and through the guide but
I didn't find any function to do that. I was thinking of exporting
separately the .chi and .xmu data, but they have different point of the
Energy(eV) and that makes hard the programming of my evaluating scripts.
Should I use the spline function to estimate the .xmu data and use it
combined to the .chi data?

Hope it's all clear. Thanks
Best Regards,
Matteo, UiS
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