[Ifeffit] How to change the data file in Dartemis?

Isabelle Kieffer isabelle.kieffer at esrf.fr
Fri Jul 1 10:24:29 CDT 2016

Dear all,

I am using artemis from Demeter and I am unable to "change the current 
data file (that is, to apply this fitting model to a different data 
set)" as it was possible with the "open file" function of the old 
artemis. This function openned a popup window asking to choose between 
"read a new data file" or "change the current data file".

If I use the "open project or data" function of Dartemis (or the "Add" 
button of the "Data sets" frame), it opens the data set in a new window. 
Then, I am unable to use the paths and parameters used for the previous 
fit. Any attemp to export, transfer or drag/drop paths or parameters has 
either no effect or crashes the program.

If I use the "Replace this chi(k)" function, it automatically chooses to 
"read a new data file (that is, to do multiple data set fitting)" 
without opening any popup window asking my choice.

I suppose I did not find the good way to apply my fitting model to a new 
data set.
Thank you for advice.


Isabelle KIEFFER, Ingénieur de Recherche CNRS, Ligne CRG FAME (BM30B)
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