[Ifeffit] First shell in nps taking small ss than bulk

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Fri Dec 23 11:57:12 CST 2016

I am wondering if you have TEM or other results suggesting the particle size of you NPs samples. I looked at your data briefly, and the k-space data of the bulk and the two NPs samples look identical to me. I suspect you have big particles which seems "bulk" to EXAFS.
It is my understanding that EXAFS only works well for NPs smaller than several nanometers if you want to compare N and ss carefully. 



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Dear all,

I have characterized YbVO4 in bulk (pellet form: prepared through solid state reaction) and nanoparticles (using continuous flow: prepared through co-precipation process) forms. Surprisingly, i found out that First shell Yb-O in nanoparticles takes small ss value (0.00298; YbVO4nps-1.fpj) than bulk (0.00509; YVO4bulk.fpj), while rest other shells in nanoparticles found to take large ss compared to bulk. One would expect later trend for all shells than former one due to well ordered and compact nature of bulk YbVO4 phase. Owing to this weird trend, i returned back to R-space for qualitative inspection (YbVO4.prj), there i found, wider R-space signal for (all shells) all YbVO4 nanoparticles compared to bulk. This behavior is also well supporting to my rationalized understanding. Could someone please help me in understanding the obtained result? or if i am missing some important point, please warn me. For more clarification, i have attached the athena and artemis files for the same.

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