[Ifeffit] Unable to run Demeter on EPA computers

Matt Noerpel noerpel.1 at osu.edu
Wed Oct 21 08:32:42 CDT 2015

Hello Bruce,

The IT guy just sent me the following report on his efforts to get Demeter
to run.  He was only able to get it to run in Safe Mode and Safe Mode with
Networking.  Here's his full message:

I regret to inform you still no joyL

Here’s a breakdown of what I have been working with:

Symptoms:  When program attempts to execute, it launches the startup screen
briefly, hangs, and then the application is terminated.

Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions

Both patches from the Demeter website

Normal mode

Last known good configuration

Selective startup

Disabled all non-critical local services

Terminated all non-critical system and user processes

Uninstalled Java

Uninstalled .NET framework

Reinstalled Java

Reinstalled .NET framework

Adjusted memory settings for best performance

Verified use has full control of all of their profile data (including
appdata) and installation directory

Attempted as a normal user and administrative user

Windows 95 compatibility mode

Windows 98 compatibility mode

Windows NT 4.0 compatibility mode

Windows 2000 compatibility mode

Windows XP (SP2) compatibility mode

Windows XP (SP3) compatibility mode

Windows Server 2003 (SP1) compatibility mode

Windows Server 2008 (SP1) compatibility mode

Windows Vista compatibility mode

Windows Vista (SP1) compatibility mode

Windows Vista (SP2) compatibility mode

Windows 7

Disabled visual themes

Disabled desktop composition

Disable display scaling on high DPI settings

Install to default location

Install to a specific location C:\demeter (not default)

Workstation was removed from domain and joined to workgroup

Various reboots throughout

It only works in:

Safe mode

Safe mode with networking

Removing the computer from domain into workgroup has no bearing, so we can
rule out EPA group policy.

Also, since it doesn’t even work in clean mode (selective startup mode with
extremely limited drivers), there are no incompatibilities that exist in

I was hoping for sure that once we removed from EPA domain that it would
have solved the problem as we were leaning towards that at one point.

I believe that the problem is not on our end.

Unfortunately this problem is outside our scope of control as helpdesk
support.  I’ve talked to a couple other technicians as well.  Nonetheless,
thank you for your patience.

I’m certainly available behind the scenes to try anything else, or try to
apply any hotfixes from developers as they are released.  (I did give you
full control of the directory on your computer for future reference).


Does this make any sense to anyone?



On Wed, Oct 14, 2015 at 5:30 PM, Bruce Ravel <bravel at bnl.gov> wrote:

> On 10/14/2015 05:25 PM, Matt Noerpel wrote:
>> Thank you for your prompt reply.  The Ifeffit.dll file does exist in
>> that directory.  It was last modified on 3/16/2015 and is 753 kb.
> Whew!
> I will try a fresh install in the default directory next time an IT
>> person comes by our building.
> OK.  And tomorrow I will try installing not in the default place on some
> computer.  Perhaps there is a problem that I simply missed or neglected....
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